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Meet our Team


Maria Imaginária is the result of a team work started in 2013 whose main objective has always been to challenge our creative limits in order to grow and learn from this path. We always deliver the best of ourselves in order to create the most personalized and unforgettable memories. We are a team of creative young people, passionate about what we do and always eager to learn more.

Between photography and video, we always work together in order to maintain our own visual identity common to all of our work. We focus mainly on genuine emotions, moments that we consider unique and that we register through a very attentive, close and discreet look.

We like to meet people, spend time with them and document their lives. At the wedding we like to feel like guests and friends, so that our work can reflect a close look at the emotions experienced that day.

We do photography and wedding videos in Lisbon but we are also available to move around the world.

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F .A .Q. s


What’s your approach on the wedding day?
The wedding day is a gathering of your friends and relatives and we see it as a great opportunity to capture the everyday things, the real bonds, the way you connect with your loved ones, those sweet things that aren’t unique on this day and you’ll want to remember forever. An important part of our work is having the sensitivity to understand what’s really important for you – not only in the present but specially in the future – and document it with beautiful images that can make you bring back in time.

Do you make family and bridal party portraits?
Yes we do. Usually bridesmaid or best man are in charge of having a list of the groups to be photographed so they help us get everyone together.  If you want to do a big group photo with all the guests, let us know in advance so we can arrange the best time and place to do it.
If you aren’t interested on this photos, we highly recommend to take informal portraits with just your dearest relatives.

What’s better for my wedding: One or two photographers?
If you’re having less than 90 guests, we strongly recommend to have one photographer/videographer. We like to be part of the wedding and we do believe that with less professionals it is easier to fit on it, get to know the people and become part of the group. We focus our main attention on the couple and their closest guests and family so the guests with minor connection with the bride and groom will be the ones we’ll be paying less attention.
If you’re expecting more than 150 guests, a second photographer can be advised so we can capture more moments and situations between guests. 

How do you organize timings and details for the wedding day? Do you shoot both bride and groom preparation?
Less than a month before the wedding we send you a form with all details we need to know for the whole day, such as locations, timings, contacts and special requests. We analyze that information and send you our feedback about how we pretend to approach the wedding day, so we can cover all the major moments, including both bride and groom preparations.

Do we have to do some effort to look good on the camera?
During the day, we will do everything to make you feel comfortable. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to do anything besides having fun, be yourselves and enjoy the most on your wedding day.


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