Romina & Thomas // Destination Wedding in Sintra – Penha Longa Resort, Portugal

Strait portrait of bride and groom surrounded by Trees Guests of a wedding laughing with a projected film Guys partying hard in a wedding Groom and best man getting ready for wedding Bride and groom staring at each other at the wedding ceremony Young man looking outside through the window Woman brushing her teeth and doing thumbs up Hugged couple facing each other in a wooden dock Couple smiling and facing each other with back light bride clapping on the background and unfocused guest with the bouquet A guys rinse his leather shoes Reflection of happy bride looking trough the mirror A guy ironing is white shirt in the middle of the room Posed portrait of sited bride and stand up groom on a garden Bridesmaids with vintage look in an hotel room ordering food by phone Closeup of a guy pinning his lapel flowers into his jacking Three happy bridesmaids laughing while watching their mobile phone. Two men in bathroom calming and drying their hair Centered guy looking down on a wooden dock during golden hour Portrait of a sited woman calmly staring for the camera Landscape of a golf resort in Portugal surrounded by a forest Two sited couples laughing Centered Portrait of a woman dressing with a white dress on wooden dock during sunset Closeup of a relaxed Bride looking to the side Father walk the bride down the aisle in an outdoor ceremony Bride and groom looking each other through a mirror Closeup of a bride hugging the groom from behind and staring at the camera closeup of the weeding ring on their box Groom laughing on the aisle waiting to bride to meet him Father walk the bride down the aisle in an outdoor ceremony Father and groom hugging and crying Bride and groom kissing each other on the alter with falling petals on an outside cerimony Funny bride feeding his groom with a piece od wedding cake Bride and groom dancing on the wedding party at night Bride smiling and taking his groom by the hand Centered posed portrait of bride and groom on a path in the middle of woods A guy grabbing is cigarette and coffee looking to his friends shoes Detail of a bridesmaid dress foot and hand on a carpet floor A couple staring on oposite directions with an old fishing boat behind during golden hour Bridesmaids helping bride to put her dress on Groom helping the best man fixing his bow tie Black and white picture of a girl dited on the ground doing her nails Multiple reflections on the mirrors of a Bridesmaid doing her make up Cropped portrait of the grooms smile and his wedding outfit Two photographer aligned to take the same photo Unfocus guests on the front and the bride walking with her bouquet on the back Details of a woman taking of her shoe on the grass Picture old an old ocidental and asian couple Bride reading her vows to the groom at the altar in an outdoor ceremony Hugged couple looking down in wooden docks during sunset Bride dancing on wedding party with blue and red lights Bride and groom in their first dance surrounded by the wedding guests Sited bridesmaid writing her wedding vows on a piece of paper Centered portrait of the bride holing her bouquet in the middle of an hotel room Detail of a wedding dress and the carpet Bride reading her vows to the groom at the altar in an outdoor ceremony Guests throwing the groom to the air on the dance floor Centered portrait of

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